All You Need is Love - October Newsletter

What happens if for one day all we gave was love?
We all know what the Bible says about love. John 15:12 spells it out pretty clearly, "This is my commandment. Love one another as I love you." However, if we are honest, we know that spreading, sharing and giving love can be challenging. Can you relate to are having a great morning; you are on your way to work, your favorite song comes on the radio, you are hitting all the green lights, and then some bozo decides to cut you off forcing you to slam on your breaks and spill your big cup of necessary coffee. If you are anything like me, what you send that person is anything but love. During the course of 24 hours there may be thousands of obstacles to giving or sharing love.
I ask the question again, what happens if for just one day ALL we gave was Love? Well friends, Catholic Charities decided we wanted to know the answer to that question. November 27th is Giving Tuesday and we are asking you to join us in a day of giving love!
We can be fooled to think things like money and fame are powerful, but at Catholic Charities we see the great power of love every day from our donors, volunteers and employees. On Giving Tuesday we are going to share some examples of the love we see every day and how that love transforms lives.
Why are we telling you this now, an entire month before the day? The answer to that is: because Love is a verb, it is a choice we make and as we know it is not always an easy choice. If you are married you understand this concept because loving your spouse does not just happen every day and loving the guy in the truck who cut you off is also not easy, it is a choice you have to make. Make a plan, a choice, to join us on November 27th and let us know, email us, call us, connect with us on social media and tell us how you are giving love that day. We will have opportunities to grow and share love, but we would also love to see what YOU come up with.
What happens if for one day all we gave was love....let's find out!!!