Christmas List - December Newsletter

What is Christmas about...Christmas is all about the LISTS! Were you thinking I was going to say Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus? If you are at all like me, right now in the final hours before Christmas, it is all about the lists. Compiling the grocery list, triple checking the gift list, racing around the house to finish the to-do list and for some of you maybe the naughty and nice list is being referenced every few hours to help keep the excitement contained.
I would like to take a moment and transform the meaning of your list.
For so many of you Catholic Charities found its way on one of your lists this Christmas. Many of you bought gifts for an Angel tree, donated food to one of our pantries, purchased coats for kids, volunteered at one of our events or maybe supported our Christmas Appeal this year. These items are so much more than another thing to do or check off a list. I imagine you know that, which is why it landed on your list to begin with. However, let me add some meaning to your list by telling you about Jessica and her beautiful family who benefited from your list.
Jessica, has 4 gorgeous children. Her husband works full time, but their schedule and medical bills are coming faster than any paycheck ever does. On the day I met Jessica, she was on her way to more than one doctors' appointments. Her oldest has a heart condition, which has to be closely monitored and the cardiologist was first on their to-do list that day. Jessica also has identical twins that suffer form Cerebral Palsy. When pregnant with the twins there were complications and a rare condition which led Jessica to Ohio for surgery. The surgery was successful, but the boys were born with CP. Complications have kept them traveling to a doctor's appointment or physical therapy on a nearly daily basis. The twins are unable to attend school which means Jessica is unable to work.
Jessica came to Catholic Charities' Toy Store and was able to shop for her kids for Christmas. I had the privilege of hearing the small details of her life while she shopped and a colleague watched her children. Jessica was a ball of energy. Hearing about their schedule of extended hospital stays, hours in the car and constant challenges, I found to be overwhelming and yet for her it was just life as she knows it. Tomorrow morning this family will open gifts and celebrate Christmas and that is because of people like you who placed Catholic Charities on their list.
When Jesus is the reason for all that we do, Christmas can be all about the LISTS!
From all of us at Catholic Charities thank you for placing us on your list and may you and your family have a Blessed Christmas and Joyous New Year!