Quest for Happiness - July Newsletter

As Americans we spend a tremendous amount of energy chasing the happiness dream. We read books from “experts” and spend money on the latest craze, all with the hope that happiness is just around the corner. I have great news for you; I’ve found the magic happy pill. No longer is it an allusive quest, but an obtainable reality. 

Do you believe me? 

Maybe not? 

Hear me out. I’ve seen, first hand, how Catholic Charities has the answer to your happiness! Let me share a story about Karen and Bill Hardesty.

18 years ago Karen and Bill started to volunteer at Mattoon Catholic Charities. Bill in his new retirement role was looking for something to do with his time and Karen, working part-time, was eager to join him. For those of you who don’t know, Mattoon Catholic Charities runs a 20,000 sq ft resale store called Boomerang Blessings. All the money from the resale store goes to funding programs that help people in need. 

 Walking in their first day Karen and Bill were met by a pile high of donations; clothes, toys, housewares, books and more. In fact, the donations literally reached the ceiling.  Many people may have turned right around when they saw that, but not Karen and Bill. They worked 5 hours that day sorting through stuff. Do you know what happened the next day? You got it, they came back and worked another 5 hours! I’ll tell you why…they were slipped the happy pill. At first it was a low dose, but pretty soon after working 4-5 hours a day 4 days a week, they developed a family of friends at Catholic Charities. Adding friends, family and amazing purpose to your life are sure ways to find happiness. What started as a low dose of happy, suddenly grew. In fact, the pill was so strong that it turned into 18 years of service. Karen and Bill will tell you that they keep coming back because it is fun and they look forward to it every day. They love uncovering the treasures of the donations, but the real treasure is much more. To Catholic Charities the time they provide us is invaluable and comes to roughly 30,000 hours worth of service! To the people we are able to serve because of their commitment it is a life changing treasure. 

Karen and Bill are proof that Catholic Charities has the answer to finding happiness. Talking with them and being around them the happiness is evident.

 Unfortunately, I can’t put the happy pill in a box and mail it out to everyone, but I can offer you the opportunity to support Catholic Charities in whatever way you can. By being the hands and feet of Jesus you will have a life sustaining dose of Happy!