What Should You Give Today? November Newsletter

By now you have swiped your credit or debit card 62 times since last week. Between groceries, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday it may seem like the thing to do on Giving Tuesday is to pull out the credit card once again and spend some more money. As someone who works in development at a charity, I certainly would not discourage giving money. ;) However, Giving Tuesday has the opportunity to be so much more than another swipe of the credit card.
Last month I posed the question, what happens if for one day all we give is love? An intentional decision to BE LOVE for everyone we encounter in a day. We hear a lot about random acts of kindness and random acts are great, but I believe an intentional decision to love doesn't just change a moment in time, it changes lives!
What does an intentional decision to love look like? Volunteers standing in the cold for hours at Catholic Charities to make sure families got their Thanksgiving baskets. A company hearing we were short turkeys and immediately writing a check so we could buy more. A mother bringing her entire family to a fundraiser and saying you can count on all of us, any time. These are not random acts of kindness these are intentional decisions to love.
I had the deepest privilege of delivering a Thanksgiving basket to a wonderful woman who is in a difficult battle with breast cancer. She hugged me and was so grateful and I am blessed to be the recipient of her love and gratitude, but I was just the messenger because that love is for all of you! It is your intentional decision to love that brings to life the mission of Catholic Charities.
Every day at Catholic Charities lives are changed because we are fueled by your love! Today, maybe your intentional decision to love will be to give a donation, but it may look different. Giving love does not look one way. We invite you today on GIVING TUESDAY to share with us your intentional decision to love! Email us, message us on Facebook or Tweet us! Make today a day we share the love!
Is it true all you need is love? "God is love, and whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him." 1 John 4:16