“Hockey with Bishop Paprocki” Charity Game to be held at United Center. Limited number of tickets available; Blackhawks vs. Blues game to follow

Posted on January 16, 2020

SPRINGFIELD – Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, known as “The Holy Goalie”, along with Chicago Blackhawks alumni, will take to the ice for the 10th annual “Hockey with Bishop Paprocki” at the United Center in Chicago on Sunday, March 8, 2020 at 2:10 p.m. to benefit Catholic Charities Legal Services (CCLS), which provides free legal assistance in civil matters to those with little to no income living in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

Joining Bishop Paprocki on the ice will be Chicago Blackhawk alum, Grant “Granny” Mulvey, who holds the Blackhawk’s record for most goals in a game at five; and most goals scored in a single period at four.

Tickets are $125 and can be purchased by visiting cc.dio.org. The ticket price includes entry to the charity game at 2:10 p.m., entry to the Blackhawks vs. Blues game at 6:30 p.m., and a limited edition Chicago Blackhawks metal lunchbox. Only 200 tickets will be sold to the Charity Game.

CCLS, implemented by Bishop Paprocki in 2014, has quickly become a popular program of Catholic Charities as the need for this type of service is significant. Since the inception of the program, CCLS has closed 963 cases after providing some sort of service, advice, or representation to low income individuals who reside in the 28 county service area of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

“There are numerous studies and reports that say close to half of people living in America could not raise the estimated $400 to meet an emergency, if the need arose. The average hourly fee rate for lawyers exceeds $200 per hour,” said CCLS Program Director, Bill Henry. Henry added that 

many of the cases referred to him involve housing and family related issues. He recalled a case of a family of six being foreclosed against in the middle of winter who could not afford an attorney to help them through their legal issues. “When an individual needs legal assistance, and cannot afford to hire an attorney, the consequences can be severe and overwhelming,” Henry said.

“As lawyers, we ‘hold the keys’ to the American justice system,” said Bishop Paprocki, who also co-founded the Chicago Legal Clinic. “Along with that tremendous responsibility, comes a keen awareness that those in our society who cannot afford legal representation face a vastly darker reality than those who can. CCLS is dedicated to bridging the justice gap through compassionate pro bono legal services inspired by the loving heart of Christ.”

For more information on Catholic Charities Legal Services, how to receive services, make a donation, or volunteer as an attorney, contact Henry at 217-523-9201, ext. 329.