The Pearl of St. Anne's

A surprising new tenant made herself at home at the St. Anne’s Residence in Beardstown, Illinois this winter. Unlike the other residents, she does not have an apartment for herself. Instead, she prefers to sleep on a couch in the vestibule or tucked in a soft bed in the common area. Every day, she earns her keep by supervising the comings and goings of tenants and staff, chasing shadows and ensuring no one passes without paying her a bit of attention. 

As a stray cat, Pearl roamed the neighborhood around the residence, stopping by the patio for treats or companionship. With the days growing colder, several of the tenants decided she would be happier and safer indoors. They pooled their resources to get her a check-up and all the necessary shots, to ensure she would not bring any trouble for the cats and dogs already living within the units.

In doing so, the vet discovered she had an injury hidden in her fur that was severely infected. If left untreated, she would not have survived the winter. With proper treatment and lots of love, she is feeling much better. Pearl lives a spoiled life, charming residents, staff, and visitors alike. To pay back the kindness shown to her, Pearl has shown less and less interest in venturing outside, preferring to spend her days with the tenants who saved her. 

One day, a tenant walked into the community room to see Pearl playing chase with another resident’s dog. Several tenants gathered around, laughing at their antics. Watching for a moment, she remarked, “this looks like a home, with a family, playing with the animals.”  

Later, another tenant returned from a shopping trip. Juggling the bags in her hand, she looked down to see both Pearl and one of the pups waiting to greet her at the door. Pearl has brought new life to the community room. Pearl repaid the kindness shown to her tenfold, bringing laughter and joy to all who see her. 

While there are no vacancies at this time, you can join our waitlist by visiting the St. Anne Residence office or by calling Wendy Wessing at 217-321-8327 or 1-800-745-5194, ext. 327.