Serves Macon, Moultrie and Shelby counties

Area Director: Amanda Honn

Area Office 
247 W Prairie Ave
Decatur, IL 62523
(217) 428-3458
Fax: (217) 428-4415 

Food Pantry/Mobile Food Pantry/
SHIP Services

239 W Prairie Ave 
Decatur, IL 62523

4 Seasons Resale Shop
2725 N Water St
Decatur, IL 62526
(217) 428-3475

Other Contact Phone Numbers: 

Faith In Action (217) 428-0013
Food Pantry (217) 428-6817
Legal Services (217) 523-9201
Meals on Wheels (217) 422-6611
Meals on Wheels (Congregate) (217) 428-3459


4 Seasons Resale Store: Our Resale Store sells donated merchandise at nominal costs to the public. For more information on the Resale Store, call 217-428-3475.  Store Hours: Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. & Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Donation Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. & Saturdays by appointment.

Bingocize®: is a 10-week, evidence-based fall prevention program that combines exercise and health information with the familiar game of bingo, which is a great, fun way to get seniors moving and socializing. It’s meant to be played twice a week on nonconsecutive days, and each session usually lasts 45-60 minutes.  Must be 60 and older to participate. This program is for residents of Macon, Moultrie, & Shelby counties. Call 217-428-0013 for more information.

Dental Voucher Program: Our Dental Voucher Program, developed by HSHS St. Mary's Hospital and Decatur Catholic Charities, helps individuals find appropriate care for adults who need emergency tooth extractions. Those who qualify also will find relief from the burden of paying for emergency dental and oral surgery services.  By appointment only.  Please call to schedule an appointment. 

Eldercare Options: Eldercare Options is a program that assesses, counsels, and determines the need for guardianship for disabled elderly adults who are no longer able to make sound judgments on their own. When someone can no longer manage his or her personal affairs, finances, or health care, our staff will coordinate with Physicians and Attorneys and then will secure an appropriate decision-maker and testify in court as to the need for a guardian. We also offer alternative services to guardianship, such as Power of Attorneys and referrals to other agencies, and information and education about guardianship to families. Contact 217-428-3458 for more information. 

Elderly Guardianship: Elderly Guardianship provides appropriate decision-making and advocacy for elderly adults who lack the ability to make proper judgments concerning their health, well-being, and safety after being named through a court order Guardian of Person.  Staff visits clients regularly and becomes their surrogate decision maker and surrogate family member as family are usually not available or appropriate to serve as a guardian. Our caring staff makes decisions along with the client on such issues as housing, medical procedures, medications, and quality of life issues.  Staff is on call 24 hours a day and even makes plans for proper burial.  Contact 217-428-3458 for more information. 

Faith in Action: Faith in Action serves frail homebound elderly age 55 and older.  Services are provided at no cost through a network of trained volunteers from area religious congregations, service organizations, and the community at large.  Our goal is to assist individuals and their families to maintain their independence, dignity, and quality of life.  Some of the services provided are friendly visiting, transportation and escort, shopping and errand running, minor home and yard maintenance, letter writing and reading, and respite. For more information on Faith in Action of Macon County, call 217-428-0013.

Food Pantry: Our Food Pantry staff (distributing 8 hours weekly) provides thousands of free bags of nutritional food to families and individuals facing food insecurity.  For more information on the Food Pantry, call 217-428-6817.  Hours are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. 

Health Connect: is a comprehensive intervention program that works with clients who have a high number of hospital emergency room readmissions due to poor health, self-management skills, lack of resources, or other social and emotional challenges.  The program helps patients that utilize the St. Mary’s Hospital emergency room 6 or more times in a 6-month period. The hospital will refer patients to the Community Health Worker (Jennifer Reynolds).  This is a referral-only program.

Legal Services: help people with little to no income in obtaining pro bono legal assistance from area lawyers in specialized fields while also providing guidance to our clients in order to get the assistance they need right now. Call 217-523-9201 for information and guidelines. 

Matter of Balance: is a fall prevention, evidenced-based program from Maine Health.  The program is designed to help overcome the fear of falling, set goals and promote exercise.  This program is for residents of Macon, Moultrie, Piatt and Shelby Counties.  For more information call 217-428-0013.

Meals on Wheels: is a community service that provides the delivery of a hot and healthy noontime meal to an individual in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Our meals are planned and prepared under the supervision of a Registered Dietician at Decatur Memorial Hospital. All Meals are heart healthy and diabetic-safe. The meals provide one-third of the recommended daily allowance of nutrition. Specialized diets, including renal, low lactose and pureed are also available. Our meals are delivered by dedicated volunteers Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.  For more information on the Meals on Wheels program, call 217-422-6611.

Meals on Wheels Congregate Program: is designed for older adults to eat a nutritious meal and socialize with friends.  The program is for seniors 60 years of age and older to enjoy a hot, healthy lunch served in a group setting. Special activities/speakers are routinely scheduled.  Lunch is available Monday – Friday 12:00 noon- 1:00 p.m. at various locations in Macon County.  For more information, please call 428-3459.

MedAssist: Our MedAssist program aids individuals in securing hundreds of free or low cost maintenance prescriptions valued in the thousands of dollars. By appointment Only. Please call to schedule an appointment. 

Mobile Food Pantry: Through the hunger relief effort, our refrigerated Mobile Food Pantry truck delivers a two-week supply of food to pre-registered individuals and families in rural communities throughout our services areas of Macon, Moultrie and Shelby Counties.

Senior Health Insurance Program: Our Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) is a free counseling service sponsored by the Illinois Department of Aging. We provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions regarding Medicare, Medicaid, and the Marketplace. By appointment Only. Please call to schedule an appointment. 

Student Assistance Program: Our Student Assistance Program counselor servicing grades K-12 is on staff to assist area Catholic Schools.

Volunteer Opportunities

4 Seasons Resale Store:  Do you have a passion for thrifting?  Do you have time on your hands?  If so, perhaps volunteering at our Resale Shop is just the ticket for you.  Volunteers are always welcome to help sort, hang, and display merchandise that the community generously donates to us.  Call 217-428-6772 for more information.  

Faith in Action:  Volunteers can volunteer on their schedule.  Volunteer opportunities help keep older residents in their homes by providing services such as shopping and errand running, transportation, friendly visiting, telephone reassurance, and minor home and yard maintenance.  To learn more about Faith in Action opportunities, please call 217-428-0013.

Food Pantry:  Do you have time on your hands and a passion to help those less fortunate? If so, able-bodied volunteers are always welcome to help pack food boxes, load and unload food deliveries, and assist with daily food distributions.  Call 217-428-6772 for more information.  

Meals on Wheels:  Volunteers deliver meals to homebound residents.  Opportunities are any day, Monday through Friday.  The time of delivery is 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon.  Volunteers will spend approximately one hour of their time.  Volunteer once, once a week, once a month, or whatever your schedule allows. For more information, please call 217-422-6611.

Advisory Board Members

Fr. Chris Comerford, Adam Fritzgerald, Laura Hendriksen (Secretary), Bruce Huber, Amy Jedlicka (Finance Officer), Scott Matuscak, Tappi McLeod (Vice President), Zachary (Robert) Murphy, Scott Neal, Adam Peters (President), Gerald Skeffington, Nan Tyrolt, Sandra Yelovich, & Lauren Young