Volunteer Opportunities

Catholic Charities has opportunities for individuals or groups who are interested in volunteering one time or on a regular basis. Many of our volunteers have become part of our family and have formed lasting friendships. For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact the following people:

Interested in being a Board Member? All of the offices have their own Advisory Board.  Questions about being a Board Member email Laura at wolfe@cc.dio.org

Advisory Board Application.pdf

Carlinville Catholic Charities

General Volunteer Opportunities

Office Manager
(217) 854-4511, ext. 201

Resale Store Volunteers

Herman Cole, Resale Store Manager
(217) 854-3029

Decatur Catholic Charities

Faith in Action, Strong for Life, and A Matter of Balance

Alex Spellman, FIA Coordinator
(217) 428-0013

Food Pantry

Food Pantry Manager
(217) 428-3458, ext. 237

Meals on Wheels

Laura Cullison, Meals on Wheels Volunteer Coordinator
(217) 422-6611

Resale Store

Theresa Johnson, Resale Store Manager
(217) 428-3458, ext. 243

Effingham Catholic Charities

General Questions

Judy Finke, Office Manager
(217) 857-1458, ext. 118

Food Pantry/Mobile Food Pantry

(217) 857-1458, ext. 112

Resale Store/Ramblin’ Rose

Lori Kuhl, Resale Store Manager
(217) 857-1458, ext. 128

Mattoon Catholic Charities

General Volunteer Opportunities

Debbie Albin, Area Director
(217) 235-0420, ext. 237

Resale Store Volunteers

Rosie Schniers, Resale Store Manager
(217) 235-0420, ext. 226

Madison County Catholic Charities (Alton and Granite City)

General Volunteer Opportunities
Mobile Food Pantry
Food Pantry

Denise Brown, Area Director
(618) 462-0634, ext. 232

Faith in Action

(618) 877-1184, ext. 210

Springfield Catholic Charities

General Volunteer Opportunities

(217) 523-4551

Food Pantry, Mobile Food Pantry

Mike Fuiten, Holy Family Food Pantry Supervisor
(217) 523-2450

St. John’s Breadline

Shawna Harris, Supervisor
(217) 528-6098

The St. John’s Breadline has volunteer opportunities available seven days a week. Shifts are available Mondays through Fridays from 6:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Shifts are also available on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Incremental shifts are available. Groups are welcome. Click here to download the Volunteer Application. E-mail to Shawna Harris at sharris_stjb@cc.dio.org

Quincy Catholic Charities

Food Pantry Volunteers

Food Pantry Manager
(217) 222-0958, ext. 18

General Volunteer Opportunities

Office Manager
(217) 222-0958, ext. 10