Mobile Food Pantry Program

In Carlinville, Decatur, Effingham, Springfield, Madison County, Mattoon and Quincy

National estimates as recent as this year have shown that 50 million Americans suffer from food insecurity. Catholic Charities’ is working to address that problem in the rural areas of our 28-county diocese with our new Mobile Food Pantries.

Under the program, Catholic Charities partners up with a local parish or organization in a rural area and registers people who need help putting food on the table for themselves and their families. Catholic Charities then drives a fully stocked refrigerated truck to the designated location on the food pick up date. A 2-week supply of food, accounting for the size of each family, will be distributed amongst registered individuals in the area. Local volunteers and Catholic Charities employees will assist in the distribution process, usually located at a church or public building.

If your community could benefit from the Mobile Food Pantry program, please call 1-800-745-5194 for more information.

Alton Catholic Charities
Phone: 1.618.462.0634

Carlinville Catholic Charities
Phone:  1.217.854.4511

Decatur Catholic Charities
Phone: 1.217.428.6817

Effingham Catholic Charities 
Phone: 1.217.857.1458

Mattoon Catholic Charities 

Quincy Catholic Charities

Springfield Catholic Charities
Phone: 1.217.523.4551