Professional Counseling Solutions

In Alton, Carlinville, Granite City, & Quincy

Through its Professional Counseling Solutions program, Catholic Charities delivers professional and confidential therapy services to individuals, couples and families regardless of their ability to pay for services. Therapy goals work upon the existing strengths of the clients and focus upon helping clients learn skills necessary to their having successful interactions with the significant persons in their lives.

We focus our therapeutic services through a family system's approach to treatment. That is, many painful symptoms that our clients experience are the result of patterns of interaction among their significant others that are no longer functional and for which they need to seek new solutions. Their self-concepts are low because they do not have the sense that they can be successful in their interactions with others. Unfortunately, their quest for a new solution is frequently frustrated by less than healthy experiences in their families of origin and they find that they have not learned the skills, such as positive communication and conflict resolution skills, which lead to healthier outcomes.

Our ability to continue to reach out to those who ordinarily would not be able to take advantage of therapeutic services in our communities is the hallmark of our services and is clearly what Jesus asks of us. Presently, common avenues of funding counseling services tend to exacerbate the injustice the poor experience and reduce Catholic Charities' ability to serve the poor in our communities.

We hope that you will consider entering into partnership with us so that poverty is not an impediment to our clients receiving the tools to create healthy lifestyles, coupleships and families.

  • Counseling costs the agency $100 per hour to provide.
  • The average private therapist in this area charges $120 per hour.
  • The agency is committed to providing these critical services to those who would not otherwise be able to afford them. We subscribe to a "fee forgiveness" policy, whereby a portion of counseling fees may be waived for clients with limited resources.
  • Donations are always needed for this program.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact your local area office. 

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